Artist Rachel B. Goodremont
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Work Procedures

portrait commission

Rachel works primarily from photographs and prefers to take the photographs herself. But if either long distance or the element of surprise is at play, she will happily work from pictures provided by the client. The pictures should be of good quality and represent the subjects well. In most cases the more pictures, the better. Even if the client has one photograph that they love everything about, Rachel likes to have more pictures to help get a good feeling for the subject's personality, especially if she does not have the opportunity of meeting them.

Prices will vary according to the complexity of the subject matter. Rachel will do preliminary sketches for the client if there are multiple options of compositions and color schemes to decide upon. Once the photographs are received, and medium and size are decided, she will give the client a quote and the time the painting will be finished. At this time a retainer of 25% of the payment is required. The remaining amount is to be paid once the painting is finished and the client is happy.